Thursday, February 23, 2006

Readily reshaped

Something appeals to me about making this item a liquid.

Despite obvious analogues to precious materials in today’s world, there is something hopeful about a fluid.

At first, I thought of something that glows, but that seemed unsubtle. Although an inverted vase shape that emits its own light still appeals to me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Focus on the object

I have been considering a story about a spaceship.

I know I want my story to be partially about trying to get this spaceship to fly somewhere far away – farther even than we have considered sending unmanned probes in the early 21st Century. And I think I know that I want the person or people on this spaceship to find something that they did not expect.

It is difficult to decide what that should be, and I have been trying to let my imagination help me find it. I have also been trying to fall asleep while thinking about this item to see if my dreams will reveal it to me.

But even after I discover what the explorer(s) should find, I am not sure what they will do with it. I hope that its nature will bring that answer, at least in part.
I have a feeling that the travelers should return home, but that is not a foregone conclusion.

This story will also have pictures and maybe sounds.